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April 10, 2014 Time to write!

I was not able to sleep last night. I wonder if ibuprofen has caffeine in it. or at least the kind the clinic gave me last night. 1.I would have to say Ian gave me some encouragement to hang in for workers comp to pay Wolff homeCare.

2.I am going to have to sit down with Jesse and find out where or communication broke down. we will probably review the graph notebook and then revise it so we can move forward.

3.I think as soon as we get this attendant thing squared away i will probably be more apt to going out by me self because the whole reason i don’t go out, besides having an attendant to accompany me is friendly, I was making the actual need for an attendant a legitimate reason because if i don’t have an attendant, i don’t have the ability to go out.

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Saturday April 12, 2014 Don’t Forget To Write!

1. This is not necessarily a positive thing but it did happen today. Toby was taken into a 10 day quarantine because he reportedly bit a person a few days ago. I’m not as stirred up as I had thought i probably would be. The bitter sweet side of this would be 10 days i don’t have to worry about taking Toby for a walk or anything.

2. today I had my first visit from Brenda. it was nice, i didn’t get around to going out like I was hoping to but I had at least washed my wheelchair cushions.
3. I had money left to buy a10,000 mAhsbattery for USB devices.

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Thursday April 17, 2014 Re: Don’t Forget To Write!

1. Toby gets springer from jail Saturday. I miss the little guy. I do find relief sometimes not having to worry about him barking while i go out of the apartment or leaving the door open while stepping out. I suppose I just wish he didn’t bark as much. Even though Jackie never barked I didn’t leave the apartment as much.

2. Recently I have always felt better after talking to Ian about Wolff HomeCare. It is all going we’ll I suppose because I went through Ian every step of the way.

3. I ordered Dads Birthday present today and got my bills up to date.

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March 20, 2014 I am starting a private like journal.

I think this may be private with the option of allowing invited guests to view your journal. I would like to have a public blog as my journal but most of what i would like to write about is sensitive in nature and not fit for public viewing.

This entry above this text came from an email and looks good. I wonder how replying to the email reminders will end up looking like. And then this edit came from my iPad.


this is from my old journal and I have switched to wordpress.

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March 21, 2014 Entrepreneur thoughts

From Steve Jobs via Guy Kawasaki Use a top ten bullet format for speeches any more bullets is arrogant and superfluous You will suck and go long. Proving your stupid and arrogant. @ Experts are clueless if someone claims to be a guru or expert then run for the hills. They will tend to tell you the norm and inhibit ground breaking innovation. Avoid self proclaimed experts or gurus. @ Customers can not tell you what they need. They inhibit innovation because they refer to current trends and technology to tell you their needs. You can ask them with assisting in evolution to improve current things. But not how to create a revolution. Need and want are two different things. The customer can tell you what they want but it is up to you to provide what they didn’t even know what they needed. @ biggest challenges beget the best work. Give you team a huge challenge and use you team as a brain trust/ tank. Enable your team to be able to come through with the challenge. @ Design counts. Sir John Ives is an example. Steve always gave examples of his father going the extra effort for things not always seen like the back side of a fence or cabinet against the wall. @ big graphics and big fonts. In presentations. @ jump curves, not better sameness. Don’t settle for doing something 10% better do them 10 or 100 times better

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March 21, 2014 Friday

I got an offer in the email today for a video journal program. it was only ten bucks but i didn’t think it integrated the video enough to make it worth anything.

Penzu didn’t send me an update reminder.

dent bother me much because penzu is only 20 bucks a year and you get what you pay for.

this journaling technique can’t use video, only photograph images.

I ordered an SSD installation kit for my  iMac last night. It has the hardware and tools. I don’t mind switching an SSD for the optical drive but if there is an open internal drive bay i would rather use it.


today my Psychologist had a session.it was calm because private duty is, has taken over for the attendant duty.

I will be able to go into detail about the private duty situation in this set of journals.